7 Trumps From The Tarot Cards And Pinions

Seven Trumps Front

Realized by Ruth White on various electronic and electronically modified instruments.

“We have new horizons; we have begun to move into areas that will offer us incredible opportunities as creators. In the future, we will alter environments and interact with audiences in ways that are just beginning to be seen today and about which we are just beginning to hear. The new environments will be created in centers of new architectural shapes. They will be controlled by computers. We will see new sights and old treasures as if they actually existed in real dimension via holography. We will hear music that travels and sound illusions that shrink and expand space. Rooms will be covered with skins of liquid crystals and electrical circuits. Electric couches will shock and move, and ceilings will rotate. It is possible that we may be evolving toward art or sensations to be absorbed in a comatose state … and all to pass the light years away as we travel in our space chambers to distant points.”

Label: Limelight
Catalog # LS 86058
Format: LP, Vinyl, 12″
Country:  US
Released: 1969

Track List:
7 Trumps From The Tarot Cards
A1  Wheel Of Fortune (3:24)
A2  Magician (2:25)
A3  Hanged Man (3:26)
A4  Sun  (2:15)
A5  Tower (3:24)
A6  Lovers/World  (6:00)
Pinions (A Choreography About Symbolic Flight)
B1  Beginnings (Prototypes)  (2:39)
B2  No Wings (Without Imagination/No Desire For Flight)  (2:33)
B3  Wings Clipped (Too Many External Involvements/Flight Stopped) (6:08)
B4  Wanting Wings (Limited Capacity/No Flight Possible) (3:42)
B5  Love Gives Wings (With Wings) (8:49)

Composed By – Ruth White
All selections realized by Ruth White
All selections published through Tom Thumb Music Publ. (ASCAP)


Seven Trumps Disc Side 1


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