Adventures In Rhythms Volume 1

The music in this series can be used to evoke those expressions that are the inventive responses of children in a creative classroom.  The ideas suggested here are merely examples of beginning movement explorations.

Label: Rhythms Productions
Catalog#: CC 623
Format:  Vinyl, 7″x3 (33 ⅓ RPM mono)
Country: US
Released: 1967

Track List:
623-1 Music For Things That..
A1 Walk
A2 Skip
A3 Jump
A4 Gallop
A5 Hop
A6 Run
B1 Swing
B2 Move In Squares
B3 Move In Circles
B4 Change Directions
623-2 Music For Things That Are…
A1 Heavy
A2 Springy
A3 Strange
B1 Stiff
B2 Quiet
B3 Gliding
B4 Long Learned
623-3 Music For Engines That Accelerate
A1 Trains
A2 Motorcycles
A3 Jets
B1 Music For Machines
B2 Music For Listening (Japanese Song)

Music by Ruth White
In collaboration with Carol Clark, consultant, Los Angeles County Schools
Contains music and sound effects for teaching rhythm.

CC 623 SIDE A2

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