Animals Are Wonderful: Activity Songs With Gary Maynard

Animals Are Wonderful Front

Children love animals. they are fascinated by them, and the things they do.  Gary Maynard’s songs are so delightful. that along with them. as the children pretend to be the animals. they learn about them from exotic creatures who inhabit the jungles, to just plain dogs and kitties who roam the neighborhood.  The special things about this album is that Gary Maynard sings and writes about animals because they are wonderful. and you can’t help loving them too!

Label:  Tom Thumb Records
Catalog#:  RTP 323 / RTP 323C
Format:  Vinyl, LP 12″ (33 ⅓ RPM) or Cassette + Activity Book
Country:  US
Released:  1980

Track List;
A1 The Monkey Song
A2 Turtle Tune
A3 My Cat
A4 Galloping Horses
A5 The Wobbling Penguin
A6 The Hippopotamus Song
A7 Little Kangaroos
A8 You’re A Dinosaur
B1  Chickens In The Barnyard
B2  It’s A Gorilla
B3  There’s A Dog
B4  Many Elephants
B5  Laughing Hyena
B6  The Jumping Frog
B7  Anteater, Anteater
B8  Hungry Bears
B9  Animals Are Wonderful

Includes a pamphlet with activity ideas and all the words to the songs on the record.
Written and sung by Gary Maynard
Guitar and vocals by Gary Maynard
Bass by David White
Synthesizers By Ruth White
Produced by Ruth White and David White
Illustrations by Jack White

Back Cover:
Animals Are Wonderful Back

Animals Are Wonderful Disc 1 (Size Corrected)Animals Are Wonderful Disc 2 (Size Corrected)


Label:  Tom Thumb Records
Format:  Vinyl, LP or Cassette + Activity Guide
Country:  US
Released:  1984

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