Big Rock Candy Mountain; Favorite Activity Songs & Games

“’Big Rock Candy Mountain” activity songs and games help develop these skills:  -Memory -Rhythm -Coordination -Listening -Music -Creative self-expression -Counting -Language -Following directions.   The guide for “Big Rock Candy Mountain” is filled with suggestions and information about what to generally expect for child development during this period. It is very important that parents and caregivers understand the changes that occur, and provide skill-building activities to support them. The guide also includes directions for the songs as well as additional suggestions for use. An important feature is the PLAY AND LEARN SKILLS CHART, which identifies skill-building challenges in each activity. Using This Program – Who, How, Where.   Designed for ages 4 & up.

Label:  Tom Thumb
Catalog#: RTP 856
Format: Cassette + Activity Book
Series: “Watch Me Grow Series“/”Hear, Do, Learn
Country: US
Released: 1985

Track List:
A1 Inky Dinky Doo
A2 This Old Man
A3 Bean Porridge Hot
A4 The Woman And The Fly
A5 Peanut On A Railroad Track
B1  Big Rock Candy Mountain
B2 6 Little Ducks
B3 Dr. Knickerbocker
B4 Row Your Boat
B5 Bear Hunt

Vocals by Sally Blackburn, David White, and the Tom Thumb Kids.
Music arranged by Ruth & David White.


Label:  Cheviot Corp-Audio
Format: Cassette + Activity Book
Country: US
Released: 1999

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