Chocolate Choo Choo: And Other Activity Songs

By ages 2 & up, children can talk and make their needs known. They have dressing and eating skills, and they are ready to learn beginning basic concepts. This is an exciting period, but a difficult one. The signs and signals that children make can let you know about their confusions or fears. With understandings, an alert parent or caregiver can anticipate difficult situations and redirect behavior.

Music is very important during this period. Listening to songs helps children learn to follow directions and develop vocabulary. Developing a sense of rhythm is important to understanding speech and to learning reading. The songs on this recording are about activities that children will enjoy doing and that will help build skills for this age.

Designed for ages 2 % up.

Label: Tom Thumb
Catalog#: RPT 853
Format: Cassette + Activity Guide
Series: “Watch Me Grow Series“/”Hear, Do, Learn
Country: US
Released: 1985

Track List:
A1 Chocolate Choo Choo (Learning Fast And Slow Rhythms)
A2 Where’s Teddy Bear? (Listening, Following Directions)
A3 The Walking Tree (Walking Skills, Beginning Concepts)
A4 Thumbkin (Naming Fingers, Fun)
A5 Buzzing Bumblebee (Learning About Bees, Flying, Following Directions)
B1  All The Dogs Go Bow-Wow (Fun, Learning To Listen, Language)
B2 Jack-In-The-Box (Space Concepts [up-down, etc.])
B3 I’m So Tall (Coordination, Following Directions, Self-Concepts, Creativity)
B4 Buttons & Zippers (Dressing Skills; Concepts In-Out, Up-Down, Open-Closed)
B5 Rubba Dubba Dubba (Bathing Fun, Learning And Naming Body Parts)

Music by Ruth White & David White
Vocals by Sally Blackburn &  David White

Parent Guide
The guide for “Chocolate Choo Choo” is filled with suggestions and information about what to generally expect for child development during this period. It is very important that parents and caregivers understand the changes that occur, and that they have positive ways for helping the child. The guide has valuable tips and ideas for effectively dealing with behavior at this stage. All the activities and songs on the recording support the information given in the guide.

The guide has three parts:

  • It gives descriptions and directions for the songs.
  • It describes the age-related changes for this period through the theme of ages 2 & up, ‘I CAN DO IT’.
  • It lists new skills generally expected for the period on its growth and development chart.

Back Cover:


Label: Cheviot Corp-Audio/Rhythms Productions
Catalog#: RPT 853
Format: Cassette
Country: US
Released: 1999

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