Cotton Candy Castles; Activity Songs

“Cotton Candy Castles” is the first of the WATCH ME GROW ® series of age-related activity songs for child development. The lullabies and songs in this set provide you with many ways to share quality time with your baby. They also offer skill-building activities suitable for child development during an important first year. Use these activities for fun and learning, and to help build a trusting relationship between you and your baby. Use the parent guide to learn more about the changes that occur during this period. Together, the activity songs with guide are a treasury of resources to help you understand and support growth and the development of your child’s self-confidence. attitudes.

Cotton Candy Castles is designed for ages Birth to 1.

Label: Tom Thumb
Catalog#: RPT 851
Format: Cassette + Activity Guide
Series: “Watch Me Grow Series“/”Hear, Do, Learn
Country: US
Released: 1985

Track List:
A1  Rockabye Rock  (Fun, Rocking, Cuddling, Bouncing)
A2  Peek-a-Boo (Building Trust And Security)
A3  Getting To Know You (Relating And Helping Baby Build Self-Confidence)
A4  Sailboat (Fun, Rest Time, Bathing Time)
A5  Baby’s Bounce (Fun, Relating, Building Trust)
A6  Lullabye (Resting, Rocking, Cuddling)
B1  Baby’s Exercise (Fitness)
B2  Baby’s New Tooth (Self Awareness)
B3  Baby’s Boat (Nap, Quiet Time, Rocking)
B4  Touching Song (Learning Body Parts)
B5  Baby Talk (Learning New Sounds And Words)
B6  Cotton Candy Castles (Resting, Rocking, Cuddling)

Music by Ruth White
Illustrated by Jean Paynter

Parent Guide
The guide for “Cotton Candy Castles” is filled with useful suggestions and information about what to generally expect for child development during this period. It is especially valuable for new parents and caregivers. All the songs on the recording support the information in the guide.

The guide has three parts:

  • It gives descriptions and directions for the songs.
  • It describes the age-related changes for this period through the theme of age Birth-1 year. “FROM DEPENDENCE TO INDEPENDENCE.”
  • It lists new skills generally expected for the period on its growth and development chart.


Label: Cheviot Corp-Audio
Format: Cassette + Activity Guide
Country: US
Released: 1999

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