Dogs and Cats / Bugs

Dogs and Cats / Bugs

The two major themes on this cassette are about favorite pets and common insects. Each theme has a group of songs with catchy tunes and words that suggest fun activities. An informative guide gives further ideas to enrich and extend these experiences.

With “Dogs and Cats”, children will learn that these animals are very different from each other. By learning how they behave, children can best relate to them and take care of their favorite pets.

With “Bugs”, children discover how strange and different these creatures can be. Bugs can also be quite different from each other.

Learning through “themes” can serve as a gateway to other learning. Through animals and insects, we can learn about seasons, environment, art, social studies, and much more. We can also begin to build skills for understanding and accepting differences.


Gary was a folk singer and a popular entertainer who toured and performed for children in schools throughout the country. 

Recorded By: Gary Maynard
Label: Cheviot Corp-Audio/Rhythms Productions
Catalog#: RPT-325
Format: Cassette
Country: US
Released:  2002

Track List:
Dogs And Cats
A1  My Cat
A2  Where Has My Dog Gone?
A3  There’s A Dog
B1  Daddy-Longlegs
B2  Butterflies
B3  Creepy Crawly Caterpillar

“My Cat” and “There’s a Dog” were written by Gary Maynard.
“Daddy-longlegs”, “Butterflies”, and “Creepy Crawly Caterpillar” were written by Ruth White and David White.
“Where has my dog gone? ” Traditional

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