Down Lollipop Lane: And Other Activity Songs

12 activities for children with parent help.  Songs for walking, running, coordination, eating skills, language, self-concepts, etc. Down Lollipop Lane is designed for ages 1 & up.

Label: Tom Thumb
Catalog#: RPT 852
Format: Cassette + Activity Guide
Series: “Watch Me Grow Series“/”Hear, Do, Learn
Country: USA
Released: 1985

Track List:
A1 Down Lollipop Lane (Walking, Running, Listening)
A2 Pat-A-Cake (Hand Coordination, Cooperative Play)
A3 Walkin’ My Baby / All The Little Fishes (Walking, Fun, Listening, Language)
A4 Rocking Horse (Rhythm, Rocking Fun)
A5 Gentle Sounds (Relaxation)
B1 Touch Your Little Ear (Learning To Listen, Learning Body Parts)
B2 All Fall Down (Fun, Self Confidence, Motor Skills)
B3 Funny Sounds (Language, Listening Skills)
B4 Spoons, Cups & Forks (Eating Skills)
B5 You Can Do It! (Self Confidence, Pushing, Pulling, Digging, Carrying)
B6 Hush Little Baby (Resting)

Parent Guide
The guide for “Down Lollipop Lane” is filled with suggestions and information about what to generally expect for child development during this period. It is ver

y important that parents and caregivers understand the changes that occur at this age, and have positive ways for helping the child. The guide has valuable tips and ideas for effectively working with the child at this time. All the activities and songs on the recording support the information given in the guide.

The guide has three parts:

  • It gives descriptions and directions for the songs.
  • It describes the age-related changes for this period through the theme of ages 1 & up, ‘YOU CAN DO IT’.
  • It lists new skills generally expected for the period on its growth and development chart.

Music by Ruth White/David White
Vocals by  David White/ Sally Blackburn

Down Lollipop Lane Front Cassette


Label: Tom Thumb
Catalog#:RPT 852
Format: Cassette + Activity Guide
Country: USA
Released: 1999

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