First Folk Dances Vol. 1

First Folk Dances Volume 1

Label: Rhythms Productions (LP) / Tom Thumb Records (Cassette)
Catalog#: RPT 317/RPT 317C
Format: Vinyl, 12″ (33 ⅓ RPM) or Cassette / +  Booklet
Country: US
Released: 1964

Track List:
Dances From Many Lands
A1 Patty Cake Dance (United States)
A2 Paw Paw Patch (United States)
A3 Clap And Tramp (Denmark)
A4 Oh, Dear, What Can The Matter Be? (England)
A5 O Susannah (United States)
A6 Come Let Us Be Joyful (Germany)
A7 La Palmadilla (Mexico)
A8 Flip (Holland)
Dances Of North America
B1 Brown Eyed Mary (United States)
B2 Jolly Is The Miller (United States)
B3 Dixie (So United States)
B4 Polly Wolly Doodle (United States, West Virginia)
B5 Miner’s Polka (United States, Alaska)
B6 Branle A Six (Canada)
B7 Oxford Minuet (United States)
B8 La Varsoviana (America)

Recorded by Ruth White

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