Folk Dances From ‘Round The World: Series 1, Volume 5


Commissioned by  Los Angeles Board of Education.  The  production of the “Folk Dances from ‘Round the World” record series was used in the Physical Education Departments of all Los Angeles County Schools.

Label: Rhythms Productions
Catalog#: 605 [1-3]
Format:  Vinyl (BLUE), 7″ x3  (33 ⅓ RPM) + Activity Guide
Series: “Compact Library Of Folk Dances From ‘Round The World, Series 1
Country: US
Released: 1962

Track List:
605 – 1
A1   Scandinavian Polka (Scandinavia)
A2   Irish Lilt (Ireland)
B1   Sailor’s Hornpipe (British Isles)
B2   Bao Dance (Philippines)
605 – 2
C1   Italian Quadrille (Italy)
C2   Spanish Waltz (U.S.)
D1   Tatra (Carpathia)
D2   La Mesticita (Mexico)
605 – 3
E1    Ladies Whim (Russia)
E2    Garcon Volage (France)
F1    Miserlou (Greece)
F2    Picking Up Sticks (England)

Arranged by Ruth White
Carolyn Mitchell and Frances Chapman – consultants

Back Cover

vol-5 back

Sample disc

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