Garden Of Delights For Kids No. 1

Contains “Hickory Dickory Dock”, “Space Trip”, “Hush Little Baby” and “Adventures In Underland”

Label: Motorola Teleprograms Inc
Format: Film/16 min (16mm)
Country: US
Released: 1971

Program 1: Fine Feathers – By Evelyn Lambert [5:00 / Color]
Program 2: The Hoarder [8:00 / Color]
Program 3: Paddle To The Sea [25:00 / Color]
Program 4: Garden Of Delights For Kids #1 – By Ruth White [16:00 / Color]
Program 5: Dance Squared [4:00 / Color]
Program 6: Little Red Riding Hood [6:00 / Color]
Program 7: That Mouse [14:00 / Color]
Program 8: Joshua In A Box [5:00 / Color]
Program 9: Castle Made Of Sand [8:00 / Color]
Program 10: I Know An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Fly [5:00 / Color]

From the back cover:
Garden of Delights for Kids #1

16 minutes/ color – A variety of exciting new sight and sound experiences for kids of all ages. Based on both traditional and new material, the stories and music were created by electronic music composer Ruth White
Hickory Dikory Dock. Wit and humor bring to life this contemporary, fun version of an old nursery rhyme.
Space Trip. A child’s dream fantasy in which she joins the astronauts on the moon, and then moves out beyond the Milky Way into beautiful uncharted galaxies.
Hush, Little Baby. A charming folk song is visualized with animated paintings, created for today’s child by Gary Lund (who also created little Obic of “The Point” fame).
Adventures in Underland. A dog named Digger accidentally finds himself in a magic, make believe land. His adventures bring him new ideas about the concept of time.
Ruth White Films / for the Motorola Teleprogram Center

Hickory Dickory Dock/Hush Little Baby
Aka “Nursery Rhymes”
Produced by Ruth White in association with Fine Arts Films
Animation by Gary Lund for “Hush Little Baby”
Animation by John Wilson for “Hickory Dickory Dock”

Space Trip
A child’s natural curiosity about space travel expands into a fantasy as she watches the Apollo 8 lift off. For grade 3-6.
Produced by Ruth White
Directed by Dale Mackey
Video utilizes live action, special effects, and paintings

Adventures In Underland
Digger the dog dreams of adventure in Underland. Done in stop animation
Produced by Ruth White in association with Cascade/California
Music and story by Ruth White

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