Happy Holidays: Activities For Fun And Learning

The ideas in this book include simple holiday activities and games for children.  Some of the holidays are recent origin, such as Martin Luther King Day and Black History Week.  Others are traditonal.

However old, holidays are dynamic and we see them changing even in our own lifetimes.  We also see some holidays celebrated differently by people in various parts of the world.  Of these, Christmas and New Year’s are the best example.

Holidays are a time to be close and to share with each other.  This book is dedicated to those everywhere who take joy and pleasure in the pursuit of happy holidays!

Label:  Tom Thumb
Catalog#: 125
Format: Book (176 pages)
Series: “The Basic Book Library
Country: US
Released: 1980

Written by Ruth White & Alexandra Kusion Rowe
Illustrated by Linda McClean White
Worksheets by Linda McClean and Solveig Villicana

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