In – Out and Round About Activities for Spatial Relations

In And Out Original

This book is designed to help children understand and respond to the concepts of position and direction which are called spatial relations.  It contains a wealth of simple activities for learning through pictures, games, stories, rhythms, crafts and music.

In addition to these activities there is a section of duplicating masters for concept cards.  These may be used in conjunction with an optional testing program as a diagnostic and evaluative tool.  By using the cards in this way, the teacher can identify needs for activities to create an individualized or group curriculum.

The concept cards may also be used either to play entertaining games for learning through fun or as take home items for extended learning.

The bibliography is a valuable reference tool for the teacher.  Arranged by category, the listings in this section can help enrich the program still further.

For those dedicated to teaching through a variety of methods and multi-sensory activities, this book offers a rich source of tools that help create unique situations for learning about the worlds of “which way” and “where”.

Label: Rhythm Productions
Catalog#: 120-S
Format:  Booket (89 pages)
Series: “The Basic Book Library
Country: US
Released: 1976

by Ruth White and Marilyn Rehwald
Illustrations by Laurie Stewart.

Sample pages

In And Out Inside 2In And Out Inside


In And Out Reissue

Label: Rhythm Productions
Catalog#: 120-S
Format:  Book (178 pages)
Country: US
Released: 1988

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