Lullabies From ‘Round The World

Lullabies From ‘Round The World

Recorded By: Ruth White, Marilyn Horne, Richard Robinson
Label: Tom Thumb Records
Format: LP 12″/Cassette/Activities and suggestion included.
Country: US
Released: 1976

Track List:
A1  Golden Slumbers — Russian Cradle Song
A2  Fais Dodo — German Lullaby
A3  English Cradle Song — Lithuanian Lullaby
A4  Hush Ye My Bairnie — Norwegian Cradle Song
A5  Dormi Dormi — Japanese Cradle Song
A6  Rockabye Baby – – Gaelic Lullaby
A7  Brahms Lullaby — Swedish Cradle Song
B1   French Cradle Song
B2   Prayer — Creole Lullaby
B3   Finnish Cradle Song
B4   Chinese Cradle Song
B5   Danish Cradle Song
B6   Dors Mon Enfant — The Little Dustman — Tigua Indian lullaby
B7   All Through The Night.

Sung by Marilyn Horne & Richard Robinson
Arangments by Ruth White

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