Motivations For Modern Dance

Includes Studies for Creative Composition, Textures, Space Motifs, and studies. Electronic music and influences from eastern cultures are offered

Label: Rhythms Productions
Catalog#: CC 610(1-3)
Format: Vinyl, 7″ x3 (33 ⅓ RPM) [High Fidelity]
Series: “Compact Library Of Basic Activities, Series 1
Series:  “Compact Library Of Music For Dance, Series 1
Country: US
Released: 1962

Track List:
Side A – Study No. 1 by Ruth White
A1  Allegro (Fast)
A2  Andantino (Moderately Slow)
A3  Allegretto (Moderately Fast)
A4  Allegro (Brisk)
Side B – Study No. 2 by Ruth White
B1   Larghetto (Slow, But With movement)
B2   Allegretto (Moderately Fast)
B3   Andante (Slow)
B4   Allegro (Fast)
Side C – Percussion Patters
C1   Afro-Cuba (festival)
C2   Africa (Ceremonial)
C3   Brazil (Modern)
C4   Mexico (Popular)
Side D – Kaleidoscope (Percussion by Milt Holland)
D1   Reflections 1-5
610-3 Studies For Creative Technique
Side E – Divertissement in F by Ruth White
E1   Fanfare
E2   Procession
E3   Musette
E4   Bulesque
Side F – Dance Suite by Ruth White
F1   Allemande
F2   Minuet
F3   Saraband
F4   Bouree
F5   Fughetta

Music by Ruth White
Illustrations by Maria Wallace
Dance consultants: Helen Pointer, Jean Pyatt, Pat Wagner, Kay Turney, Mary Whitehouse.
Coordinator: Frances Chapman.

Back Cover:


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