Musical Reading Volume 3: Consonants L Through Z

Continuation of introduction to consonants.  24 page ACTIVITY BOOK.  Illustrated 80 word vocabulary, games, reviews, plus consonant sound library.”

“Tom thumb musical reading is a delightful introduction to the world of letters and words through song, story and sound in this HEAR-SEE-SAY-DO set, children hear the sounds on the records, see them in the coordinated student books, practice saying them, and enjoy doing the activities that are designed to reinforce learning.  These include games, a basic illustrated 280 word vocabulary and self checking reviews.”

Label:  Tom Thumb Records
Catalog#:  RPT 315
Format:  LP 12″ (33 ⅓ RPM)  or Cassette/ + Activity Guide
Country:  US
Released:  1980

Track List;
A1  L: Leaping Lizard
A2  M: Melissa & Magic Max
A3  N: Noisy Nick
A4  P: Peter Partridge
A5  R: Red Rooster
A6  S: Samantha Sea Serpent
A7  T: Terific Circus
B1  V: Veronica The Vet
B2  W: Wee Willy Wallaby
B3  Y: Yetta Yak
B4  Q: Is A Curious Fellow
B5  X: Marks The Spot
B6  Z: Sound Song
B7  Consonant Sound Dictionary

Vocals by Terry Gris and Theresa Straley
Voices by  Kevin Bassinson, Terry Gris and Ruth White.
Music by Ruth White & David White
Arranged by David White
Includes a pamphlet with activity ideas and all the words to the songs on the record

Back Cover:

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