Reading Fun And Games: Beginning Reading Activities

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The purpose of this book is to provide experiences that help children acquire beginning reading skills.  Each activity lesson presents a basic concept.  The lessons are fully developed and can be used by teachers, aides, parents, and cross-age tutors to work with an entire class, small groups, or individuals. 

Creative expression is an integral part of the book.  As we teach basic skills, it is encouraged through art, music, movement, story-telling and drama.  Language facility is also developed.  Children talk about what they have done and learn to listen to each other as they relate their own experiences to the necessary skills of language arts.

The lessons are developmental and sequenced in each chapter,. However, the activities can be done in any order according the the needs of the children.


80 sequenced activity lessons for beginning reading skills. Units include alphabet, basic sight words, auditory and fine motor skills, visual perception, beginning phonics and language communication.

Label:  Rhythms Productions
Catalog#: 124
Format: Activity Book (152 pages)
Series: “The Basic Book Library
Country: US
Released: 1979

Written by Libby Hollombe
Illustrated by Joe Pearson

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