The Holiday Sampler: Activity Songs For Christmas

CC 617 (1-4) FRONT
Provides songs, stories, rhythms, games for Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Hanukkah and some American holidays.

Label: Rhythms Productions
Catalog#: CC 617 (1-4)
Format: Vinyl, 7″ x4  (33 ⅓ RPM) + Activity Guide
Series: “Compact Library Of Basic Activities, Series 1
Country: US
Released: 1962

Track List:
617 – 1
A1   Santa’s Christmas Party
B1   Activity Songs For Christmas
617 – 2
C1    The Witches Ball
D1   Gerome, The Giggling Ghost
617 – 3
Two Hanukkah Games:
E1   Bingo The Easter Bunny
F1   Hanukkah Lights
F2   The Dreidel Game
617 – 4
The Holiday Sampler
G1  Pledge Of Allegiance
G2  Star Spangled Banner
G3  Thanksgiving Ballad
G4  The Spirit Of 76
H1   Squanto And The First Thanksgiving

Recorded By: Ruth White, Kathryn Hume, Grace Lynne Martin, Robert Smith, Marni Nixon, Dickie Derwin, and  Joe Yocam



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