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Fun activities teach reading in easy-to-follow ways. Cassettes guide the kids throughout songs, stories, art, workbooks & more. The learn the alphabet, phonics, and hundreds of illustrated words. PUPPET PLAY teaches creative self expression. Includes 4 MUSICAL READING cassettes; 3-24 page reproducible workbooks; alphabet PUPPET PLAY patterns, puppet sticks; crayons. Guide with suggestions for use.


Sing along with the music! Act out the stories! Learn the alphabet, phonics, and vocabulary! Have fun with the magic of Puppet Play!  Hear the songs and stories. See the letters and words. Say the sounds, words, and stories. Do the workbook activities, art, and Puppet Play games. In this First Reader’s Kit you will find an exciting world of fun activities that teach reading in a convenient easy-to-follow way. Cassettes guide children through songs, stories, art, workbooks, and more. With these, they learn alphabet, phonics and hundreds of illustrated vocabulary words. Through coordinated Puppet Play, onnie the Cat, Red Rooster, and a host of other lovable characters bring life and hcarm to letters and words, and teach creative self-_expression. By offering a wealth of imaginative tools in this unique program, First Reader’s Kit provides activities that are enjoyable and that will help your child learn in his or her own best way.

Label:  Tom Thumb/Rhythms Productions/Cheviot Corp-Audio
Catalog#: RPT 4001
Format:  Box Set (Cass x 4 / 3 x workbooks / Puppet Play Patterns + Mounting Sticks / Alphabet / Crayons / Teacher’s Guide)
Country: US
Released: 1999

Musical Reading: Alphabet-Short Vowels
RPT 401-1A  / RPT 401-1B
Track List:
A1 Alphabet Song
A2 Short A-E Songs; Meet The Vowels; Initial Vowel Songs; Vowel With Beginning & Ending Consonants
A3 Puppet Songs
B1 Short I-O-U Songs; Meet The Vowels; Intial Vowel Sounds; Vowels With Beginning & Ending Consonants
B2 Puppet Songs
B3 Short Vowel Review

Musical Reading: Long Vowels
RPT 401-2A  / RPT 401-2B
Track List:
A1 Long A-E-I Songs: Meet The Vowels; Intial Vouel Sounds; Vowels With Beginning & Ending Consonants
A2 Puppet Songs
B1 Long O-U Songs: Meet The Vowels; Intial Vouel Sounds; Vowels With Beginning & Ending Consonants
B2 Puppet Songs
B3 Long Vowel Review

Musical Reading: Consonants B Through K
RPT 401-3A / RPT 401-3B
Track List:
A1 B-Bennie The Beagle
A2 Hard C-Connie The Cat
A3 Soft C-Cinderella
A4 D-Dan Dancing Doll
A5 F-Freddie Fox
B1 Hard G-Good Ghost
B2 Soft G-Gypsy And Giant
B3 H-Happy Horse & Houses
B4 J-Jack & Jill/Jolly Jester
B5 K-Kingdom Of Koko Kangeroo
B6 Consonant Review B-K

Musical Reading: Consonants L Through Z
RPT 401-4A / RPT 401-4A
Track List:
A1 L-Leaping Lizard
A2 M-Melissa & Magic Max
A3 N-Noisy Nick
A4 P-Peter Partridge
A5 R-Red Rooster
A6 S-Samantha Sea Serpent
A7 T-Terrific T Circus
B1 V-Veronica The Vet
B2 W-Wee Willy Wallaby
B3 Y-Yetta Yak
B4 Q Is A Curious Fellow
B5 X Marks The Spot
B6 Z Sound Song
B7 Consonant Review L-Z

Recorded By Ruth White & David White

Complete Kit:
First Readers Kit

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