Learn About Weather/Jungle Animals: Activity Songs With Guide

The two major themes on this cassette are about the weather and animals of the jungle. Each theme has a group of songs with a variety of suggested activities ranging from creative movement and art, to science and language. An informative guide gives suggestions for use and ideas to enrich and extend these activities.

With “Weather”, children learn about how changes in the weather can affect them, from what they wear, to what they do. Through weather, we can introduce seasons, clouds, wind, ecology, conservation, and many other subjects.

With “Jungle Animals”, we learn about some unusual animals that live in a special place. Children are fascinated by these animals and love imitating them. The jungle is an excellent setting for learning about trees, plants, insects, birds, animals, and much more.

Though the two main themes on this cassette may seem unrelated, they have a very important connection. Jungles can only exist within certain weather conditions. A challenging exercise would be to relate the information from weather to that of jungle condition

Label: Ashdale Music/Rhythms Productions
Catalog#: RPT 326
Format: Cassette
Series: “Watch Me Grow Series
Country: US
Released: 1996

Track List;
A1  The Weather
A2  Rain
A3  It’s Snowing
Jungle Animals
B1  The Monkey Song
B2  It’s A Gorilla
B3  Many Elephants

“Jungle Animals” written by Gary Maynard .
“The Weather” written by David White
Gary was a folk singer and a popular entertainer who toured and performed for children in schools throughout the country.


Label: Cheviot Corp-Audio
Format: Cassette
Country: US
Released: 2002

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