Learn About Farm Animals: Activity Songs

There are two contrasting themes on this cassette, with activity songs and stories, about each theme. Children listen, sing, and move along with the words and music for fun and learning. A guide introduces the themes, describes their contents, and gives suggestions for use.

With “Farm Animals”, children practice language and memory skills, and they express themselves through creative rhythms. This theme can also be a gateway to learning about seasons, weather, food, plants, farm life and more.

With “Outer Space”, children learn about familiar space objects as we experience them from earth. Then they explore exciting new planets as they venture into space. Further learning with this theme could include exploration of our own solar system, space travel, science concepts, etc.

Label: Ashdale Music/Rhythms Productions
Catalog#: RPT 327
Format: Cassette
Series: “Watch Me Grow Series
Country: US
Released: 1996

Track List;
Farm Animals
A1  Barnyard Song
A2  Old MacDonald’s Farm
A3  Chickens in the Barnyard
Outer Space
B1  Space Shuttle
B2  Outer Space

“Chickens in the Barnyard” written by Gary Maynard
“Space Shuttle” and “Outer Space” written by Ruth White and David White.
Gary was a folk singer and a popular entertainer who toured and performed for children in schools throughout the country.


Label: Cheviot Corp-Audio/Rhythms Productions
Catalog#: RPT 327
Format: Cassette
Country: US
Released: 2002

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