Weather/Jungle Animals, Farm Animals/Outerspace, Dogs & Cats/Bugs: Learn About Activity Songs

We all enjoy learning through subjects that interest us. Themes (such as animals, space, etc.) provide a central focus out of which we can move into related areas. Science, art, language, reading, etc., can all be accessed through a central theme, which connects information in interesting and effective ways.

Songs and musical games can provide an excellent introduction to a theme. However, finding resources can be difficult, and a great deal of time may be spent gathering materials. In this series of songs, our goal has been to make material for themes easy to find and incorporate into any program. For the first releases in this series, we chose six popular thematic areas that include songs, ideas, and activities that can be used in many ways. The guide for each theme has valuable suggestions for more fun and learning.

Label: Cheviot Corp-Audio
Catalog#: RPT-20C
Format: Cassette x 3 + Activity Guide
Country: US
Released: 1996

Track List;

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