Tom Thumb Early Learning Library

TTomb Thumbom Thumb educational records meet basic curriculum needs for early learning, kindergarten-primary and special education.  Especially produced for use in creative teaching situations.

Each 12-inch record is  packaged in a convenient and attractive double album with activities and suggestions for use.  The quality and scope of these outstanding records will add new dimensions to your classroom programs.  Join the thousands who have worked with and enjoy these records.

24 lovely international meloodies for quiet times.  With printed lyrics for each song.  Sung by Marilyn Horne and Richard Robinson.  Arrangments by Ruth White.

THE RHYTHM MAKERS  (Cat #RPT 303/1977)
Fun with rhythm and rhythm instruments.  Narrated introduction to the instruments gives examples and playing directions for beginning rhythm bands.  Uses traditional instruments or make your own and play along with the music.  By Ruth White/David White

FIDDLE-EE-FEE  (Cat #RPT 304/1977)
A barrel of fun with activites, games, and simple rhythms.  Old and new favorites sung by Terry Gris.  Includes traditonal music as well as songs by Ruth White and Marcia Berman.

IT’S A HAPPY FEELING (Cat #RPT 305/1976)
Catchy words and music put fun into learning.  Teaches auditory awareness, classification skills, spatial relationships and develops positive self concepts.  By Ruth White and David White.  Sung byTerry Gris.

OOO WE’RE HAVING FUN (Cat #RPT 306/1977)
Delightful songs about getting along, time, weather, money, imagination, direction, and health.  By David White.  Sung by Michael Lembeck.

Song and activities to develop healthy values and feelings.  Topics include differences, friendship, shyness, humor and sensory awareness. By Ruth White, David White, and Miles Goodman. Sung by Michael Lembeck.

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